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3D Character Design

Original Character – Low Poly Male Orc (animated with Mixamo)

Reworked Topology, Male Dwarf, High Poly Sculpt To Low Poly (animated with Mixamo)


Retro Pixel Art

Character Design & Animations

Pixel Intro Animation For Astragundia  (first 8 seconds)

Character Tileset

Environment Tileset

Endless Runner Game

Arcade Android Game


Background Design

Repeating Parallax Background


Character Design

Anime Characters Journey And Battle Image

Character Concepts, Monsters

Character Concepts

Character, The Rain writers

Character, The Rain writers

Character Concepts, Hockey Game

Character Concepts, Sci-Fi Game



Vehicle Design

Hover Craft, Sci-Fi Vehicle

Environment Concepts

Glowing Cave Mountain

Future Civilization

Cavern Of Giant Statues, Concept Art

Crystal Island, Concept Art


Mushroom Valley, Concept Art

Abandoned Outpost, Concept Art

Power Core, Concept Art

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